Our express services ensure same-day deliveries availability for both Ahmedabad to Mumbai and Mumbai to Ahmedabad, ensuring prompt delivery services within just a few hours.

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SameDay offers a variety of flexible shipping solutions to meet the needs of your business and your customers across India.

Book before 11:45 AM and get it delivered by same day.

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Our Honors

We are thrilled to share the incredible news that SameDay Courier & Logistics has been honored with the prestigious award for the Best Courier and Logistics Service Provider Company by the Government of Gujarat. This esteemed accolade was presented to us by the honorable Home Minister of Gujarat, Harsh Sanghvi, in recognition of our unwavering commitment to excellence in the transportation industry.
This is just the beginning of our journey towards further success and recognition in the industry. With this prestigious award under our belt, we are more motivated than ever to continue pushing the boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the courier and logistics sector.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Government of Gujarat, the honorable Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi, and all our valued clients and partners for their continuous support and trust in SameDay Courier & Logistics.

About Logistics

Your Modern logistic Partner

SAMEDAY, as one of the reputed and leading courier companies operation under the banner of Global Logistic since 2020, Offering Domestic, Ground Cargo and International courier services. SAMEDAY is one of India’s most progressive and innovative Courier & Cargo Services Company. We have consolidated our vast service network strategically to offer unparalleled Courier & Cargo Services for Domestic & International requirements since 2020. SAMEDAY is headquartered in Ahmedabad, with 2 of its Zonal Offices at Mumbai & Pune, evenly managing North, East, South and West of the country respectively.

Our Services

From AM to PM, timely deliveries when you need ‘em.

Whether you're a business owner or part of a larger enterprise, our services and technology are designed to enhance efficiency and boost productivity. Benefit from increased flexibility and valuable insights, ensuring confidence in choosing the optimal shipping solutions for your business. Explore our diverse range of shipping services, all customizable to meet your specific business requirements. Delve into the possibilities!

Sameday Express morning combining speed and precision for timely deliveries.

Experience the convenience of our Express Early Morning service – receive your shipment before 10:15 AM while enjoying a cup of freshly ground coffee. Operated by air, it ensures time-definite deliveries tailored to specific pin codes, with real-time tracking capabilities. Plus, rest assured with our guarantee: on-time shipping, or your money back.

Sameday Surface Premium

Choose our Surface Premium for an optimal blend of speed and economy. Your shipment will be delivered on wheels without unnecessary frills. Operated by ground, this service ensures day-definite, pin code specific, and real-time trackable deliveries for your convenience..

Returns & Reverse Logistics

No worry about your Reverse Pick-up across pan India, Make returns simple for your customers and cost-effective for you with our suite of solutions. Just reach us and book your needs. We will always be here to serve you.

Best & First Class Featuers


Effortlessly track your package in real-time, with comprehensive day and time information. Our suite of domestic services ensures fully predictable, day-definite tracking that remains operational even in the face of unpredictable ground realities.

Seamless Tech

Experience unparalleled customer satisfaction with our state-of-the-art logistics operations, featuring one-click booking, advanced mobile technology, multi-layer tracking, and service offerings based on SLAs for a seamless and efficient experience.


Our commitment revolves around prioritizing customer preferences. Every innovation is driven by understanding people's needs, and our continuous efforts to enhance ourselves are rooted in placing our consumers at the forefront.


SAMEDAY assures swift deliveries, be it standard or express, overcoming any complexities that may arise. Reliable, agile, and time-definite – with SAMEDAY as your partner, rest assured that your enterprise will scale up seamlessly.

Benefits To Connect with Sameday Logistics

Same Day Services is an ideal solution for businesses or individuals requiring urgent delivery of important documents, parcels, or packages from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Our services are designed to offer reliable, fast, and cost-effective delivery with a focus on customer satisfaction.
With Same Day Services, customers can enjoy a seamless and efficient process, backed by industry experts and dedicated resources ensuring the careful handling of their shipments. Upon subscribing to this service, customers also receive real-time updates on their shipment status until delivery, offering peace of mind and eliminating potential disruptions.


100% customer Satisfaction

Our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction is reflected in every interaction, ensuring that our customers receive not just products or services, but an exceptional experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

Quality Service affordable Price

Experience the perfect blend of quality service and affordability – where excellence meets cost-effectiveness to deliver unmatched value to our clientele.

Worldwide location

With offices and facilities in key international destinations, we offer worldwide coverage, allowing us to provide seamless services on a global scale.

Modern vehical fleet

Our logistics operations boast a modern vehicle fleet, equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and secure transportation of goods.

Our Core Values

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